hello, friday, you conniving son of a bitch.

this comic clearly and succinctly wraps up ‘apocalypse week’ here at 28 pancakes later…

did you celebrate thanksgiving yesterday?  if so, how did you do it?  was it fun?  was it a lot of stress?  did you think, “god damn it i hate washing dishes i am never inviting this many people over again” in the same frustrated way you thought it last year?  if you are not from the united states, do you have a similar holiday at some other point in the year?  i know canada has something at some other point.  i kind of feel like we should consolidate our holidays with canada.  i think we should consolidate most everything with canada, but i could see how canada might not want to do that.  if i were canada, i would be like: “get the hell away from me, USA.”

i celebrated thanksgiving yesterday, though, and i did so by eating turkey and prime rib and cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes with marshmallows on them and roasted root vegetables and vegan stuffing and various cheeses and a scone-like bread product and two different kinds of pumpkin pie and bread pudding and three beers.  i think more foods could benefit from melting marshmallows on top of them, and will begin experimenting with that tonight for dinner.  i am excited about this.  i feel like it will ‘open up a whole new world.’

i hope your day is fantastic and whatnot.  i hope your friday is lazy and lets you be lazy, too.