wednesday is looking at me funny.

this comic is about getting over relationships and what one must go through when one’s life situation changes and one finds oneself sleeping in an unfamiliar place.  because this is a literary comic with a lot of deep symbolism that people seem to miss.  i wish people would notice the symbolism so they can tell me what it means, because symbolism confuses me.

tomorrow is thanksgiving here in the united states.  my mom seemed ‘shocked’ that i was going to work on thanksgiving.  i want to make comics for you, though, because you are really rad, so i will do what i must to accomplish this.

that is all i am going to say today because i do not want to start ‘rambling’ and ‘talking your ear off’ about [shit you do not care about].

i hope wednesday kisses your hand like princes do to princesses in movies, even if you are a boy.  no one will make fun of you, because everyone likes wednesday a lot and will probably be jealous that their hands were not kissed.