friday is here, but it is not excited to see us. bummer.

this week has been ‘insane.’  i feel like i have had my eyeballs replaced with tennis balls, that is how tired i feel.  tennis balls okay.  i have been waking up early to make myself more productive, but i am not sure that it is working.  i am working approximately one million hours every day, and while i do not mind the work, it makes each successive day more difficult to get through without falling asleep at my desk or in line at the grocery store or at applebee’s.

this comic is about obsession and how it is creepy whenever you go over to a friend’s house and they have tons of pictures of no one but you up all over every wall.  that is always awkward, but you say, ‘hey whatevs!” and then you play xbox and do not think about it until the next time it happens, probably with a different friend.

anyway, i hope you have a weekend that is ‘something to write home about.’  and then i hope you write home about it, because i am sure your folks would like to hear from you.  unless you do something disgusting or something society ‘frowns upon’ this weekend.  then you can write to me about it instead.

thank you for reading my comic.