wednesday, what did you do with the other days?   WHAT DID YOU DO??

so, this comic is about sports. clearly.  when i was a kid i played soccer (‘football’ if you do not live in the country where i live), and i only played it for one season.   i do not know exactly why, but for some reason when i was a kid my body could not cool itself, and i got horrible headaches and ‘barfed all over’ pretty much any time i ran around for more than 30 seconds.   i am in a similar situation now, except now i must ‘plow ahead’ regardless or else i will get ‘really fucking fat.’  all i remember about soccer was running and getting hot, getting hit really hard with the ball in a region of my body that kind of still hurts from the incident, and eating oranges at halftime.   the oranges were my favorite part because, as we all know and agree, oranges are fucking rad.   i played t-ball, too, but i did not get sick from that because i just sat in the dugout and drew pictures in the dirt, or sat in the outfield with my baseball mitt on my head and drew pictures in the dirt.   when i hit the ball, i skipped around the bases.   i never became very interested in sports, but i do not mind if you are interested in sports.

did you play any sports when you were a kid?  do you still play sports?   if so, are you still a kid, or are they grown-up sports like ‘tennis’ and ‘walking to work?’   i am asking because i want to know more about you because i like you.

i hope you have a ridiculously cool day and that the god of wednesday (i forget his name) gives you candy even though it is not halloween and you are not in a costume.   unless you are, then goddammit, you deserve some candy.


ps: thank you for coming to my web site today!