yo, friday, what is up?

so, i was drawing the sequel to wednesday’s comic when photoshop froze and i had not saved in two and a half hours and i lost everything i was working on.  it was a little bit elaborate, and i did not have time to do it over.  so i will re-draw it this weekend and conclude the story about abraham lincoln, but here is a collection of scenes that probably take place in between wednesday’s and this next monday’s comics.  they look crappy because i did them in pencil and then took a photograph of them.  then i re-typed the dialog because my handwriting looked ridiculous.  these are like shadows of the empire and seek to explain how things came to be the way they are at the start of the final chapter.  actually, the intended sequel is really only just now related to the preceding one because originally, they were very loosely related, whereas now they are a rich, complex, chronological story.

yup.  how are you?  i have been better.  but i have been worse also.  not both at the same time, that is crazy.

i hope your weekend is marvelous and marble-ous.  i hope it has marbles in it.