hello, wednesday.  you look well.

this comic will have a ‘sequel’ of sorts.  if you are a regular reader, you know that the previous sentence means almost nothing.  mostly it just means that in my head, the next comic takes place immediately following this one, and that they share a continuity that is more than likely not related to the continuity to any other strip.  so there is that.

did you have some job you wanted to be, that you were so sure you were going to be when you were a kid, only to realize later that it was like wanting to be batman or something?  i was so sure i was going to fly into space.  it was not until sometime in college that i actually thought about it long enough to realize that at this point, it was not ever going to be possible for me to accomplish.  everything i have done after that has really been an attempt to find meaning in my life, since what i thought was the central story arc seemed to ‘fizzle out’ before the first commercial break.

look at me, ‘blabbering on’ about myself to the internet, which is like standing at the entrance to a dark cave in the wilderness, shouting into it, genuinely believing that there are people inside who care what i am shouting about.

i hope you have a lovely wednesday, full of spice and flavor.  i am so happy you came to my web site today, and i mean that.