oh my, it is friday, and what a friday it is!

i actually own the sunglasses in this comic.  they are yellow and have zebra-stripe lenses.  they have increased my coolness by a significant amount.  do you have any accessories or items of clothing that make you seem way cooler than you actually are?  or have they permanently increased your coolness so that you retain that level of awesome even after you are no longer wearing that thing?  that would be cool.

this week has been ‘a blur.’  i really do not remember very much of it.  i think i was in the home depot for some of it.  i think maybe i am still there, at least in spirit.

i decorated my office this week with pictures of the characters in this comic.  i put them in nice frames, and it made them look ‘respectable.’  but i also put up an 8×10 headshot of jeff goldblum, so it is sort of obvious i have better taste than most people.

well, i am going to go play a video game or read a book or something else.  i hope your friday is awesome, and that you ‘find yourself’ soon.  i want you to be happy.