well, well, well, if it isn’t friday.

hello, my friends.  how are you today?  i am doing well, in case you had been wondering how i was doing.

you do not need to tell me, i have already been informed that what i drew in this picture was a horse with a horn.  i guess real unicorns have a tail like a lion and cloven hooves.  i did not know they were real, and now i am nervous that maybe a lot more things are real than i thought.

i now have ‘the internet’ in my office.  this means that if you want to say something to me via twitter or [something else] during the day, there is a better chance i will see it and respond to you and this will make us both happier, i think.

anyway, i have things to do with friday and most of them are sexy.  have a great day, please.