hello, wednesday, you do not look happy to see me!

i did not grow up with a pool, but i loved swimming in other people’s pools.  recently, the places i have lived have had pools, mostly, but i have not felt like going in them.  when i grew up, all the preparation and denouement seemed like a ‘giant hassle.’  sunscreen is annoying.  showering again so that my clothes do not feel weird on my skin is annoying.  people yelling at you for using their pool without their permission is annoying.

how was your summer?  after i no longer attended an academic institution, all i seem to notice is the temperature that accompanies the season.  i do not know what made me think that any of the ‘magic’ would remain after it ceased to be a three-month vacation.  none remained.  my favorite season became my least favorite season.  i suspect that is because it does not snow here and the countryside tends to burst into flames when it is warm.  when i move away from here, maybe i will apologize to summer and admit that i was being overly judgmental.

anyway, it is wednesday.  i hope you are okay with that, and that wednesday is okay with you and i seeing each other like this.  whatever this is.  have a fantastic day or two.