oh, monday, where have you been all my life?

my weekend was spent doing weird things.  saturday i spent a lot of time with tools and pieces of particle board, attempting to assemble a bed i bought from ikea.  it is my belief that that company does not actually sell furniture.  or at least they do not realize it.  they think they are selling puzzles.  the more expensive the puzzle, the more infuriating it is to solve.  my bed puzzle was kind of expensive.

on friday night i went to oktoberfest.  i drank some beer and ate some bratwurst with sauerkraut.  the process to buy the beer was unnecessarily complicated, maybe to discourage buying beer once you are already drunk.  i had to give a group of people instructions.  then i bought some headphones and learned about artificial grass.  who knew germany’s traditions were so rich.  did i mention the group of people i gave instructions to were lovely ladies?  i think i was ‘smooth as hell.’  i also think i was holding two cups of beer at the same time.

now i think i am going to go stare at the grey hairs in my beard while humming the theme from MASH.  i hope your monday is wrapped up like a present.  even if you were expecting it, you should act surprised.  just a heads up.