friday, fuck you, man.

apologies if ‘totally depressing’ is not the flavor of comic you prefer.  yesterday, the day i drew this comic, about the time i was going to head in to the office to draw something funny on the computer, i got a call from my friend, who was a little bit desperate.  i drove to his house to help him quickly pack up his stuff so that his drug dealer roommate or that guy’s friends did not steal any more of his shit from his room.  it was rainy.  the sunset was incredible.  there was a motherfucking double rainbow that stretched from one side of the county to the other.  it was a weird day.  so when i got home, i drew this kind of late at night.  sometimes life is not what you wish it would be.  other times, it is pretty okay.  no light without dark, no yin without yang.  or whatever.  monday’s comic will probably be about bees or taco sauce or something, so do not fret!

despite having read this comic, i hope your friday is excellent and that your weekend blows your fucking mind.  i am really happy you stopped by.  i am not joking; it means a lot to me.

Note (8-31-16): This was maybe a month before I saw the double rainbow song, so I was actually quite impressed with Mother Nature. Now I’d be like, “yeah, cool, whatevs, they already made a song about this bullshit.”