does doctor-patient confidentiality work the other way around?  i am guessing not, otherwise some very sexy and probably illegal things would be happening in operating rooms all over the world, i bet.

i do not like going to the doctor.  i am not afraid of doctors and i do not dislike doctors.  i am not really made uncomfortable by the experience.  it just seems like so much work.  i feel like my time could be better spent at a craft fair or looking on the internet for soul food recipes.

but enough about me.  i want to make this about you.

a co-worker gave me the idea to open up the writing of this comic to the audience maybe once a month.  as the audience is small, i think that makes your chances of “winning” better.  what i want you to do is to send me an idea for a comic at jared at heydracula dot com (or hit the contact link at the top), and i will choose my favorite (assuming more than one is sent in) and try to make it into a comic.  the deadline for this first one will be july 1st. this is very much an experiment.  if i do not choose yours, please do not be sad.  you have no idea how many of mine i have not chosen.  it should be noted that this comic is roughly “PG-13” in terms of content, and probably “barely rated R” in terms of language.  if you give me a pornographic or otherwise inappropriate idea, i will cherish it deeply, but i will not make it into a comic.

i hope your tuesday makes all the other days look like poseur wannabes.

Note (8-30-16): That email address no longer works, as the web site was not called that for more than a couple weeks. Also, this was years ago, so seriously, don’t email me any comic ideas. Even though I bet they’re really great.