hello! mondays are so lame, i guess, right? even unemployed, lazy house cats hate them for some reason, so it cannot just be the start of a new work week.  i am not the one to conduct an investigation into the deeper reasons because i have a comic to put up!

today’s comic is “about” magnetic poetry.  the original idea actually showed magnetic poetry, but it would have been “pulling a garfield” by basically making the joke twice, the second time in an overwrought, obvious way. now that i look at it, though, i do not actually see a joke anywhere.

magnetic poetry was probably the glue that bound my household together for a while while my wife was in college.  we would keep our spirits up through financially hilarious/tragic times by somehow taking normal words and combining them into dirty, cryptic messages.  “do you smell the wiggle ship as i do?”  i t hink that one might have been about hygiene.  i wrote them all down because future generations could benefit greatly from the wisdom transcribed in them, but i do not currently have a way of plugging in the hard disk that contains them.  technology once again has found a way to beat me and make me look stupid.  but i will have my revenge on technology.  the future will end with me.