hello, my friends!  it is thursday, which is cool because it is like the “overture” to friday, which is a pretty freaking cool day.

today’s comic has giraffe in it, i do not know if you noticed.  i felt very silly drawing something so detailed and precise next to the dude who is just circles and lines.  i knew giraffes were strange-looking animals, but i did not know how strange they were until i was making one with a pencil.  they are like aliens from some other planet where everything is freakishly tall, sent here to eat all our acacias.  also, the hatching on the tree was started with a “medium to high” amount of trepidation.

it is my six year anniversary this weekend.  can you suggest something really badass i can buy for my wife that is under $10?  that is a half-joke. um, email me if you think of something relatively cheap but super awesome – to keep it a secret because she reads this i think!

have a rip-roaring day!