hello, everyone!  it is wednesday, which is a good day.  most days are good.  all but one.  i am not going to say which one.

the san diego comic con is coming up and i am very excited to see the costumes and the sweaty, nerdy guys (i will be one of them).  i am fortunate to live in san diego, otherwise i would be far to poor to make the trek.  are you or anyone you know going to be there?  i will be the guy wearing the yr mom reads my comic shirt.*

so, today’s comic has a baby in it.  this is as close to a baby as i need to be.  sitting in front of a computer screen looking at a cartoon of one.  i went to a one-year-old’s birthday party on saturday. talk about party pooper.  she spent almost the whole time sleeping!  but there is something i learned that is important, and i want you to remember this: regular kids’ birthday parties are kinda really lame (unless you are a kid), but babies’ birthday parties have beer.  incidentally, there was a bounce-house castle there.  the party was a buffet of ideas, and i went back for seconds.

i hope you are having a hump day that may or may not be filled with plenty of humping, depending on your mood and the mood of the person you inevitably try to hump.


*Note (8-30-16): This comic was called that at one point before I settled on 28pl.