hello, friday! i know you are almost over, but here is a comic anyway!

sometimes the thing you are looking for is right in front of you. other times it might be right behind you. or off to the left or something. the point is, sometimes you are looking for something, and you do not know where to look for it, and that is okay, you really shouldn’t beat yourself up about it.

i am working on some music at the moment and it is going to be kickass. if you haven’t heard my last ep i made of weird covers of my friends’ songs, check it out here. it is called discovery! if you haven’t heard my first ridiculous ep which has songs about robots and the apocalypse, check it out here. it is called forgive me i am very drunk. if you have, then by all means, go do something else. (Note 9-7-16: Here are all my records, if you are interested.)

i hope your weekend is as unexpected and life-changing as mine will almost certainly be!