Note (9-7-16):

I decided that the posts associated with the original posting of this particular comic were boring and that I would not transfer them to this new version of the site. This is the last comic of the original run of 28 pancakes later… It coincided with a lack of enthusiasm and humor after the full weight of my divorce and life-rearranging had set in. I just didn’t feel funny anymore and focused entirely on my music project, the mighty sun.

This comic felt a natural stopping point, as it seemed the culmination of all the absurdity and existential angst previously accumulated in my doodles. The next 7 comics were done over the next couple years, each time hoping that doing one would make me pick it back up again. It did not, though February of 2013 looked promising.

Still, I’m glad you’re here. Here’s to more confused expressions and baffled chuckles between friends. I hope your life is going well.