monday is not even wearing any pants!

i have not been to paris.  i should probably get out that way one of these days.  i did take french in high school and college, though.  which has really come in handy living all these years right next to mexico.  sure glad i did not take spanish like everyone else i knew.  sure glad i have no idea what anybody is saying to me.  makes it much easier not to care.

i am going on a trip next week.  it is a business trip.  but not for my business; i am just ‘tagging along.’  i am going to hawaii, which should be really awesome and sticky.  i was thinking that i should do comics for next week so that i can post them ahead of time.  but now i am wondering if that is what i should do.  would you like to see normal comics that belie the fact that i am not actually around making them?  would you like to see comics based on the dumb things i think while i am in hawaii?  would you like to see some silly drawings by a friend of mine who is much weirder than i am?  if anybody cares, reply to this post.  if nobody cares, i might do one of each.

anyway, i hope monday does not murder you like it told me it is planning to do.