wednesday is completely and utterly under my command.  not like monday, which declared independence.

sorry for the less-than-reliable update schedule.  suffice it to say that shit be going down in my universe.  but i do like making these for you, so bear with me and i will continue to draw ridiculous pictures that sometimes feature dracula or abraham lincoln.  also craig and the dude with the funny hair.

have you heard the new bon iver album?  it is good.  it is weird to see a record with any artistic merit whatsoever actually sell well and make it into the top couple spots on the billboard chart.  does my cybernetic heart good, really, i guess.  do not get me wrong, you can never have enough hip hop music about being in the club drinking bacardi and dancing with shorties, but it is nice to have a little variation.

i hope your wednesday makes fresh guacamole!