maybe this is not a comic.  maybe it is a statement.  maybe it is an observation of reality.  maybe i wanted to draw a lot of ties and hair styles.  maybe tonight.

it is easy to lose sight of what is important.  it is made easier by the constant declaration of arbitrary social norms by every human-based entity on the planet, including ourselves.  but we all know the things we really want.  everybody has an “if.”  “if i did not have a mortgage, i would learn to paint.”  “if i did not spend all that money on medical school, i would be happy working at starbucks and writing novels in my spare time.”

nobody is going to give you the chance to do the things that you want to do.  everybody is busy figuring out their own shit.  you have to make the chance.  write your novel one page at a time over breakfast before work.  paint pictures for your children’s bedrooms.  there is a way to do almost anything, if you plan it out and think about it logically, and if you really want it.

i could not survive in a normal work environment.  i was losing my mind.  i am not financially secure anymore, and sometimes i end up doing unconventional things for money to pay the rent.  but my days are mine, and i fill them with music and laughter and silly pictures.  i hope that you find out what your silly pictures are, and that you draw them with passion every day of your life.