wednesday is waving its arms around looking really stupid.

how are you today?  i am doing all right probably.  i am going to the dentist today.  i am afraid that the dentist might punch me in the face after he looks inside my mouth.  he will probably say, “you do not deserve teeth!”  that seems likely.  if there is no comic on friday, it is because the dentist was so enraged that he knocked out all my teeth and then i had no way of holding the pen to draw or type.  i use my teeth.  my hands are vestigial.  totally useless for anything except mario kart.

well, i am going to go because i am late for my appointment with unconsciousness.  need to dig around in my dreams and see if there is anything useful in there.  maybe i will find a comic!

have a wednesday that can stand as an example of what every following wednesday should aspire to be.