monday ahoy!

another week!  wow, they just keep coming, don’t they?

i like drawing animals instead of people, because everyone is pretty acquainted with how a human looks, but not as many people can look at my kookaburra and say with confidence that it actually looks nothing like a kookaburra.

i have never been to australia, but i think it is like a crazy mash-up of the u.s.a. and the u.k. and some deadly hellscape.  at least that is how they make it look in movies.  and new zealand is like australia’s funny little brother.  feel free to correct me.  i am sure that nothing i have said contains a bit of truth.  pretty sure i have no idea about anything that takes place outside of my neighborhood.  even when i go to other states, they seem alien, like it would take a long time for me to assimilate to their way of life.  but i think it is just that i am not used to seeing cornfields or chicken fried steak or whatever.

anyway, you have an awesome monday wherein you have an epic adventure that changes the very fiber of spacetime.  not to be confused with SPACE TIME!  as in, “HOORAY IT IS SPACE TIME!”