wednesday is upon us, and for this reason we must be strong and stick together!

i do not know if you can tell, but i do not watch a lot of televised sporting events.  i have too much crazy shit to do.  it is a full-time job.

i used to want to be more interested in athletic competitions because i wanted to have something to talk about with people at work.  now that i do not work with them, that desire has subsided.  it is best this way.  if you do not like sports, i am sure you understand, and if you do like sports i can promise that you do not want to watch them with me.  you will probably get frustrated when i ask what the men in the tights are doing to each other.  i, too, like giving and receiving hugs, but these guys are way more enthusiastic about it than i am.

anyway, have a great wednesday, one with a good storyline and a satisfying conclusion.