wednesday!  i did not expect to see you here.  oh god this is awkward.  how are things?

i did not write this post here the night before like i normally do because last night i was playing bass guitar in a bar.  like, with the band, not just by myself like a total friggin’ weirdo.  that title, however, might have been appropriately applied to the gentleman who went on stage after us.  i only saw some of it, but he had a kick drum and an accordion and a dobro.  he wore a bowler hat and a vest and wore no shoes.  his music was cacophonous.  i heard that he was from portland, and everyone seemed to agree that it explained things.

playing in a band around town is interesting because you end up seeing and meeting a lot of musicians.  some of them are pretty good.  some of them might get good with time.  some of them might need more time than others.  some might require more time than they have available to them in their lifetimes.  i am not terribly critical.  if someone is having fun on stage, then i feel happy, even if the music they’re making gives me an awful anxiety attack or makes my ears cry tears of blood.

also, the band i play with is a country folk band.  i do not listen to much country music or folk music or combination of those two.  my perception of all these events might be fundamentally invalid.

now that i have rambled on about myself for no particular reason, i feel my work is done.  have a wonderful wednesday filled with ice cream and covered in sprinkles.