wednesday, my goodness you’ve grown!

this has been a pretty good week so far for me.  the downward spiral almost seems worth the wait while you’re climbing the ladder to give it another go.

yesterday was the first day of february, and the start of february album writing month.  participants try to write 14 songs in 28 days.  last year i only wrote five songs, but a couple of them were pretty all right.  this year, having acquainted myself quite well with the number twenty-eight and all its factors, i think i have what it takes.  we will see, though.  honestly, i never finish anything.  i think it is part of what makes me unique and frustrating.

anyway, if you write songs and want to force your muse into slave labor, or if you just want to listen to a bunch of amateurs’ half-written songs (some of them are quite good), check it out.

i hope your wednesday unfolds before you like a well-kept road meandering off into wondrous and fantastic lands full of wonder and fantasy.