friday.  i missed you so much.  my god!

it is no secret that i like skittles.  if you were to meet me, i believe you would come to that conclusion without skittles ever having entered the conversation.  i think it is because i am jolly as fuck.

i could never stop and watch a knife fight.  ‘puncturing skin with any sharp apparatus’  is something i find entirely unnerving.  if the knife fight is consensual, then i would probably move on and desperately try to redirect my thoughts to something more pleasant, like skittles or a rainbow sunset made of skittles.  if the knife fight is one-sided, i might call the police while moving quickly away from the scene.  unless i was with someone else, then my confidence would be bolstered, and i’d probably be brave enough to get stabbed trying to stop a knife fight.  like a real sucker.

anyway, may friday tell you all about the good old days while you two drink lemonade on the porch.