oh, monday, when will you learn?!

how is it going with you today?  i am feeling very fine, myself.  except my feet hurt.  and i am very tired.  yesterday i went to disneyland and walked around it for many hours, briefly interrupting the walking at regular intervals to ride rollercoasters and eat churros.  i do not have anything else to say about this topic.

today’s picture thing deals with some pretty dark stuff.  i think it maybe is a ‘scary’ comic.  possibly 28 pancakes later is a mostly accurate representation of life as a human on earth.  some of it is funny.  some of it is scary.  a lot of it is sad.  most of it is confusing.  also there is no underlying purpose.  that is also like life, i think.

well, it is time for me to shun the sun and all things under it and sleep.  i hope monday brings you lunch at work and makes all your co-workers jealous as hell.