wednesday, you are always so nice to me. well, usually.

so hello there.  it is wednesday.  it is “cold” and “rainy” here.  those are in quotes because those terms are relative to the normal conditions i experience here in san diego.  i usually like the rain, but this time it made it impossible to see the lunar eclipse on monday night.  and i do not talk about it much, but if i had been a more motivated child … and adult … i would have totally done everything possible to be an astronaut or astronomer.  also, the rain threatens to keep my wife on her secret government island over christmas because the planes might not fly if it is too windy or foggy.  that is “lame as shit,” my friend.

anyway, my christmas comics so far have involved satan and credit card fraud.  am i doing this correctly?

may your wednesday rain bring thursday flowers (instead of thursday potholes and mud).