yay, it is friday, we can all stop pretending now!

i do not believe that having a robot arm would be anything but great.  sure you would set off the metal detector, but you would get used to it.  you would say, “just use your wand thingy, i will set that off for sure you guys.”  i have an idea for an animated short about a kid with robot arms, but it takes me a long time to draw this comic, i would hate to think how long it would take me to animate something.

so how was your week?  was it everything you hoped it would be?  mine was okay.  most of my week was spent watching the parts to my new computer travel across the country very, very slowly on the UPS tracking page.  i cannot see how it would take a whole day to get from tennessee to california, our states are practically on top of each other.


well, i hope your weekend is spent having fun.