wednesday, it is good to see you.  you look nice.

seriously, elephant seals will kick each other’s asses over the ladies.  and the one that controls the shore is called the fucking beach master, which is way badass.

i like watching nature documentaries while i write comics, okay?  this means that a small percentage of my comics will inevitably be about animals and/or trees and/or ‘sweet rock formations.’  right now i am in the middle of an amazing bbc documentary series called wild china.*  it makes my surroundings here look very boring.  if i start posting pictures of ‘poorly drawn’ comics that were obviously taken with a camera phone and that are all about china, it is because i left without telling anyone and am backpacking across that country.

have a great wednesday.  give it a hug from me, okay?  you always say you will, but i do not think you ever do.  thank you for reading my comic today.


*Note (8-31-16): Wild China still holds up as my favorite documentary series. I put it on to relax my brain when I’m going to sleep. I realize that doesn’t sound specifically like a glowing review. Still, though.