shit, dawg, it is monday.

this weekend got really hot for some reason, like summer was all, “ah, hell, no, i am not done yet, my friends!”  seriously want to punch summer on the face right now.  october is often the hottest month of the year ’round these parts.’  it is lucky it just barely contains halloween, or i would have already found a way to destroy it.

i do not smoke, but i kind of wish i did in a couple of situations.  i have a friend that smokes, for example, and it allows her to get up and leave the bar when [a shitty band] goes on stage, without looking like a ‘disinterested asshole’ like i do.  the other is the situation presented here in this comic.  when somebody says something that i do not care about, i want to blow smoke in that person’s face to let them know that i did not care about what they just said.  but you do not want to seem rude, so afterward, you should probably say something like, “i am just kidding, bro,” or maybe, “lol.”

well, i am hungry and i think i just emptied the full contents of my brain onto your screen, and i must say, i should aspire to think more thoughts about things.  i should, but i will not.

hope your monday is up for some wrassling, because it is about to get awkward otherwise.