friday found us. oh no!

when i turned 21, i think i stopped drinking as much.  maybe i did not really like drinking as much as i liked stealing alcohol from people’s parties.

pets are cool.  do you have any pets?  i have had a number of pets in my life.  right now i have a cat.  his name is milk.  he is ~12 years old.  he has long hair and he makes sure to put it everywhere.  he likes being near me, and basically spends all his time purring and sitting on me or whatever i am trying to use (i.e, my computer).  he is also a kick-ass guitar player.

tomorrow is my wife’s birthday.  i think i might take her to chuck e. cheese as a joke, instead of a romantic dinner.  she would think it was very funny, and then we would play skee ball until we had enough tickets to buy a bus ticket home.  if you have an interesting/fun idea for something to do on your spouse’s birthday, i would love to hear it, because i think maybe i have used all my good ideas already.

so, i have watched more of lost.  the whole beginning of it is really pretty good.  the characters are interesting, and the setting is ominous and moody.  i can really see why people got disappointed after it turned to shit.  i cannot wait to be disappointed, too.

well, i hope your whole week ‘made sense’ on some metaphysical level.  i hope your friday wore a crown and threw a big feast for the whole kingdom.  have a great weekend (buy a slurpee if you need to).