a simple comic for a complicated world.  i worked at a sign company for a lot of years, so expect a lot more comics about signs.  (not really, do not expect those because i will not be doing very many).  i have also had a head for almost as long as i can remember, so i will probably do a lot more comics about heads.  i think it is funny to think about all of our senses crammed into one goofy-looking apparatus.

so, this is what this comic is called now.  28 pancakes later… i think it adequately sums up the feeling of this web site if not the content (although let me know if you want comics about pancakes, because man i spend a lot of time thinking about pancakes already anyway).

oh hey does anyone else feel happy about futurama being back on tv?  because last night was possibly the happiest night of my life.  okay, maybe that was an exaggeration.  but i am happy about it.  my wife and i met billy west once, and we were wearing homemade billy west t-shirts, and he signed a photo and a poster and a futurama dvd cover.  and we took our picture with him.  and then we followed him home and went through his garbage and watched him sleep.

happy friday, everyone.  have a weekend where you look back on it later in life and think, “holy shit that was a pretty sweet weekend.”